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Did you know that your baby’s skin absorbs and loses moisture much quicker and easier than adult skin?

This is because a baby’s skin is 20-30% thinner than adult skin which makes it more fragile and delicate. Their new skin has not developed the barriers your skin has, which means everything you put on your baby’s skin is absorbed much more quickly into their bloodstream, including all of the chemicals such as alcohol and parabens found in the popular over the counter baby products, like wet wipes, shampoo and body wash, many parents use daily. Not Jackson Reece products though. Our products are free of nasty chemicals and 99% of our ingredients are derived from vegetable or plant extracts.

Chemicals found in baby products are known as ‘endocrine disruptors’ which means they act very similar to hormones the body makes naturally, so they interfere with the balance of your baby’s metabolism which needs to remain healthy.

Organic products are often rich in essential oils that create a natural barrier on the skins surface to prevent skin conditions, like nappy rash or eczema.


Using organic products is not only the best way to keep that delicate skin soft and nourished, but it can also make a substantial difference to your baby’s overall health.

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