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Our Products

At Jackson Reece all our baby skincare products are made in the UK with organic ingredients, with 99% of our ingredients plant-based.

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We use natural and organic ingredients in Jackson Reece products, making them Kinder by Nature​ for everyone.

At Jackson Reece, we’re very careful about what we put in our products, which is why we never use harmful chemicals or strong fragrances. We also don’t test on animals and always produce ph-balanced formulas which are kind to even the most sensitive skin.

In fact, 99% of our ingredients are naturally derived, even our unique vegetable and plant-based preservative system, so our products are also suitable for vegans.

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Biodegradable baby wipes that are better for our planet

Did you know that ​all Jackson Reece wet wipes are fully biodegradable and compostable, so they ​aren’t​ harmful to the environment?

That’s because we make our baby wipes from natural wood pulp instead of the synthetic polyester other companies use, so they decompose after just 12 weeks in landfill. They also dissolve in water after just 10 days, which is why they’re…

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Work with Us

We supply our range of natural baby wipes and toiletries to a variety of outlets around the world, including major retailers such as Boots, Tesco, Waitrose, Amazon and Kiddicare Baby Specialist.

We’re always keen to collaborate with new suppliers, so if you’re interested in stocking our multi-award-winning Jackson Reece products, then just get in touch.

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Forget flushing - Always bin your wipes

Wet wipes should always be binned, not flushed down the toilet, but we’re proud to say that Jackson Reece baby wipes break up in the sewage system and are biodegradable and compostable. They’re Kinder by Nature.