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Inspired for babies, by babies

Based in Co Armagh, Northern Ireland, Jackson Reece has been caring for babies’ skin since 2003 and takes its name from our first two sons. We thought this was fitting, as it was them who inspired us to launch the business, after all...

Back in 1999, our first son, Jackson, was born, but at just eight months old he developed baby eczema, which only worsened when we treated it with steroid cream. We didn’t realise this thinned the skin and destroyed the immune system. We then tried baby wipes, but these didn’t help either.

Why? Well, most wipes contained alcohol, soap and other chemicals which again, stripped the skin of its natural defences and made it even more sensitive. The cloths were also bleached with chlorine, another abrasive substance.

We searched for a natural and plant based alternative, but found nothing, so we went back to using cotton wool and water. Unfortunately, this didn’t work either. A local water scientist then told us the chlorine in our water system would be just as harmful to a baby like Jackson as alcohol.
What were we to do?
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Research & Development

Well, as parents who wanted to protect their child and soothe his delicate skin, we decided that if there was nothing out there to help us, we’d just have to create it ourselves.
After years of exhaustive research and steadfast determination, we successfully designed unique cleansing wipes containing only natural and plant derived ingredients. By the time our second son, Reece, was born in 2003, we were ready to launch the Jackson Reece, Kinder by Nautre Wipes.

Quality and natural ingredients

We knew from the outset that our baby wipes wouldn’t be bleached with chlorine like other cloths, so we took time to develop a high-quality biodegradable cloth made from natural wood pulp. We also made sure our ingredients were organic, creating gentle formulas that included soothing Aloe Vera, Ylang Ylang and vegetable extracts.
We also purified the water we used to ensure there were no hidden nasties within, and took a long time developing a natural vegetable-based preservative system so the wipes would be suitable for vegans.

Happy babies and happy parents

Since we launched our first baby wipes 16 years ago, we’re delighted to say that feedback has always been overwhelmingly positive. Parents have been over-the-moon to find wipes which are gentle on their babies’ sensitive skin, while organisations like Mother & Baby have recognised our achievements with numerous gold-standard awards.
It’s certainly made all the hard work worthwhile to know that we didn’t just create products which helped our own four sons, but that we’ve allowed many other children to benefit too.
Our Kinder by Nature Baby Wipes – along with the rest of our toiletries – have all been carefully developed for use on even the most delicate skin, including eczema. We’re proud to say we’ve made a difference by being Kinder by Nature.


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Wet wipes should always be binned, not flushed down the toilet, but we’re proud to say that Jackson Reece baby wipes are 100% biodegradable and compostable. They’re Kinder by Nature.