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Do you really know what ingredients are in your wet wipe or the toiletries you use on your baby? You would be surprised how many ingredients are hidden in these products and how harmful they really are.

In this blog I will explain the 9 most common chemicals found in the most popular brands of baby wipes and toiletries and why we don’t include them in any of our products.

1. Alcohol – it strips the skin of its natural oils, often causing redness, irritation and inflammation. It can also stop skin’s natural ability to shed dead cells, which clogs pores. We leave this chemical out of our wipes.

2. Parabens – these destroy bacteria, so they’re strong and aggressive and are consequently a common irritant that we don’t think should be near a baby’s, or indeed, anyone’s skin.

3. SLS and SLES – cheap, effective chemicals that can clean the skin, but they also strip it of its moisture, which aggravates the skin, so is it really necessary?

4. Benzoates – this is used as a preservative in cosmetics and as an antiseptic. It’s also been known to intensify the symptoms of asthma.

5. Phthalates – these chemicals make scents last longer on the shelf, but studies have shown they can affect hormone levels, which we don’t think babies should be exposed to.

6. Phenoxyethanol – this chemical is used as a preservative and has been banned by the French certification organisation ‘Eco Cert’. Infant exposure to this chemical can affect their nervous system so we thought we should definitely leave this one out!

7. Propylene Glycol – it stops water escaping from the skin, reducing its moisture factor and studies have shown that it is not recommended for eczema suffers.

8. Triclosan – this is an aggressive chemical used to control the growth of bacteria, this is regulated by the FOA and some studies have highlighted cancer concerns.

9. Benzalkonium Chloride – used as a preservative and antimicrobial agent. It works by killing microorganisms and stopping their future growth. This chemical is found in cleaners for floors and algaecides, so why would we put this in our products?


I hope after reading this you’ll think twice about what products you buy or what you put on your baby’s skin. Jackson Reece products contain only natural ingredients and we say NO to nasty chemicals, that’s why we are, kinder by nature.

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