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We’ve had a lot of questions recently regarding what the most environmentally friendly way is to dispose of Jackson Reece wipes and it’s a lot easier than you may think!  

As our wipes are made from 100% wood pulp, this means they are also fully biodegradable and compostable (have we mentioned that before?!) 

The first question is, can you put wipes into a home compost bin if there in no human waste on them? Yes, you can!  

Wipes that are used to clean dirty hands and do not have any human waste on them can be composted in standard home composters. Hooray!  

Can you put wipes into a home compost bin if there is human waste on them?  

The answer is, no.  

We have been advised that wipes with human waste on them should be discarded in the normal bin to be taken to landfill where they will decompose there.  

In this day of environmental consciousness and sustainable living, it may seem like a good idea to compost human waste, but experts disagree.  

This is because of the harmful chemicals found in human waste such as viruses and bacteria that cannot be removed by standard home composting processes and is considered unsafe for use around vegetables or other edible plants.  

Composting wipes with human waste requires a compost that produces a high temperature to kill the bacteria found on these wipes, therefore it is safer to allow large-scale composting facilities who have the technology to process the waste effectively.  


The good news is, whatever way you decide to discard of your wipes, they’ll all take the same 12 weeks to decompose 

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