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5 Healthy Snacks to make with your kids this Christmas

20th December 2018

Thinking of some ways to entertain your kids this Christmas? I like to try and avoid sugar filled, processed treats as much as I can at home, so we can enjoy parties without going overboard. Fruit is perfect for making Christmas treats. Bright in colour and deliciously sweet, they can be easily transformed into something festive with a little bit of creativity and they couldn’t be easier!

1. Fruit Candy Canes

These treats are so simple. All you need are some strawberries and a banana. Just slice them up and arrange into a candy cane shape on a plate. A fun breakfast idea or just an easy afternoon treat. Raspberries could also be substituted instead of the strawberries.

2. Banana Pop Penguins

These banana penguins are almost too cute to eat!


3 bananas

1 cup of melted chocolate

12 candy eyes

18 orange smarties or M&M’s


-Peel bananas and cut in half

-In a small bowl, melt the chocolate in the microwave

-Dip the tops and the backs of the bananas in the melted chocolate and set on a baking tray

-Add the candy eyes and the orange smarties/m&m’s for their nose and feet

-Freeze for 20 minutes

3. Grinch Grapes

I thought we could make these treats a little more exciting by adding something sugary!


Large marshmallows

Mini marshmallows

Fresh Strawberries

Green grapes

Wooden skewers


-Thread a grape onto the wooden skewer

- Cut a large marshmallow into thirds using kitchen scissors

- Slide a slice of marshmallow onto the skewer

- De-stem the strawberry and slide onto the skewer

-Top with a mini marshmallow

4. Santa Hat Strawberries



White chocolate

Desiccated coconut

Mini marshmallows


-De-stem the strawberries and place them flat on a baking tray

-In a small bowl, melt the white chocolate in the microwave

-Place the desiccated coconut in a small bowl

-Dip the flat end of the strawberry into the chocolate and then the coconut

-Dip the mini marshmallow into the chocolate and place on the tip of the strawberry

-Place in the fridge for 10 minutes and enjoy!

5. Kiwi Christmas Trees




Pomegranate Seeds


-Peel the kiwi, thinly slice and then half the slices

-Arrange the pieces into a tree on a plate (use the picture as a guide)

-Arrange pomegranate seeds onto the kiwi pieces to represent bobbles

-Place a raspberry on top of the tree to make it look like the star

How easy!

Don't forget to clean your hands after with Jackson Reece wipes!

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